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        Hubei Yingxing Adhesive Limited Liability Company

        Chinese adhesive and adhesive
        tape industry association member unit


        YX-105 vulcanized tackiness agent for conveyer belt

        YX-105  vulcanized tackiness agent for conveyer belt

             Product information

        Vulcanized tackiness agent is constituted by vulcanized adhesive cement and slice. It has advantages of high safety, convenient for transportation, long storage time, weather resistance, ant-aging and etc.
        It is mainly used for repair of convey belt and the joint in conveying of high-temperature material.
        YX-105A vulcanized rubber is mainly used for steel wire conveying belt.
        Technical parameters:
        tensile shear strengt:≥330N/cm2
        peel strength:≥110N/2.5cm
        shelf life :≥ 1 year
        Storage: should be preserved in cool and dry place, keep it away from fire source


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